WWDC 2009 – new iPhone 3GS

June 9, 2009

ap_apple_g3s_090708_mnYesterday it was the Apple’s WWDC 2009 (Development Conference). They announced a new line of laptops (basically all based on the macbook pro). No more macbooks without the “pro” because they added a firewire 800 to the 13 inches model. They have also removed the slot in the left and replaced with an SD card reader in all the 3 models. Now all up to 8Gb ram and up to more than 3GHz processors and battery life of 7 hours. Two more than in previous models.  Also all cheaper.

They talked about new Snow Leopard for only 29 usd as an upgrade. Spotlight rewritten and many other goodies.

iPhone 3.0 with copy paste but not multitasking. Much faster and exchange support and … Tom Tom!!

Finally new iPhone 3GS. Twice as fast, 3MPx camera with video and video editing. Integrated compass and better battery life. 3G up to 7.2Mbps, voice control… pretty cool.

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