Google translates emails

May 20, 2009


Gmail Labs has done it once again. A new feature introduced today allows users to automatically translate emails into English and any other supported language. Sort of.

As with any non-human inter-linguistic interpretations, the messages suffer in translation. But thanks to this new feature, you’ll be able to get the gist of the Cyrillic text in your spam folder with just the click of a text link.

As today’s post on the Gmail Blog claims, “If all parties are using Gmail, you can have entire conversations in multiple languages with each participant reading the messages in whatever language is most comfortable for them. It’s not quite the universal translators we’re so fond of from science fiction, but thanks to Google Translate, it’s an exciting step in the right direction.”

A small step, perhaps, if the screenshots below are to serve as evidence:

All in all, not the Labs’ most impressive offering to date; nevertheless, it’ll save us all a cut-and-paste to a free online translator.

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