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February 24, 2009

23022009080 This morning sunny! wow!! We booked here at chez Nono a one day trip around the island to experience the most beautiful sites of this piece of paradise.

We woke up, walked to the supermarket to buy breakfast. We had breakfast in our table 3 meters from the sea and I went to the hotel besides (Matira) because I noticed that they had wifi, so I wanted to see if I could buy some time. I bought a 1 hour voucher so tonight I will connect and post everything from the last day in San Francisco until today.

Well 9.30 we go in a boat in a tour around the island. I did not mention this but often I take my Oregon 300 gps and I record everything we do, so if someone wants, I can send the paths or coordinate of specific points. The boat was sort of traditional. First we stopped in the Coral Garden to do some snorkeling. Beautiful. We saw a morena (I don’t know in English) and tons and tons of fish, nearly the 700 different tropical species that live in the islands.Really beautiful. Then second stop in the middle of the sand lagoon, and a unique experience… In Spanish they are called "rayas". Snorkeling with the guy of the boat "captain" who had some fish, and 10 to 20 1.5m rays came to us. Incredible experience. Water was at 1.2 m only so you could stand. They were coming to us, and even coming out of the water. At the beginning it was a bit scary but they are like dolphins. Very silky and soft. They were like dogs so cute. The feeling of swimming with 5 of this huge rayas beside you and other fishes was incredible. And more incredible was when the sharks came. The black dot sharks (I am translating from french "roquins de pointe noire"). These are not as big as the ones we saw yesterday when diving but in a 1.2 m depth of water with 10-20 rays and 5 sharks, feeding them was amazing.23022009076

DSC_6244 We continued our boat outing and a group of 5 to 7 dolphins followed us and started playing, going to one side of the boat and jumping. Beautiful. This is really paradise. After that we headed towards a motu with white sand and an incredible view over Bora Bora mountain and they cooked for us one of the best meals we have had here. "Espadon" fish and raw fish with coco, and coco bread. All served in banana leaves and cooked traditionally with the coconut covers to feed the fire. Unforgettable experience.

After a while (with traditional songs, and showing the ladies how to use the pareo and dance the traditional sexy dances) we headed to another spot for snorkeling. The particularity of this is that I have never seen such an amount of fish together in my life. You could just snorkel within the coral and find hundreds of varieties of fish. The captain fed a morena.

After that we headed to our place where I had a shower and I started writing while Nuria is having a bath. Tonight we might go to "bloody Mary" for dinner we will see.

What is certain is that I have a boucher of 1 hour and that I will be able to post all the posts 😉 and check email.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving to Moorea. Motu Iti is the name of the guest house. Great way of traveling by the way. You get to know local people.

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