Swimming with the Sharks

February 23, 2009

22022009067 Sunday 22nd of February. Bora Bora.

After our great evening at the Intercontinental hotel with lobster a go-go and tipical Bora Bora dancing show, we went to bed, latter than usual, and the day after, Sunday, was going to be our first day in the pearl of the ocean.

At 7.30am we had the Bora Bora Blue Nui diving boat in our beach. The first night we slept in the house, with a little balcony in front of the sea, on the beach. From day two in a typical bungalow on the beach. Well, we took the boat. The day was not great. It rained a bit but we did not care,as it is not that important when you dive. Philippe, the instructor went to pick up another 2 people to another Intercontinental hotel and then to the school in one of the Motu.

We paid with our Swiss visa (29000 for 4 dives, 2 each with material and pick up service with boat). The US visa is giving us a lot of problems. It did not work when trying to pay the internal flights and it did not work for the diving. We are pretty pissed off with it as we still don’t have Internet and we don’t know which is the number to call in order to fix it.

22022009072 DSC_6227 After getting our material and paying, we went out of the island and we did our first dive. I had my new mare puck computer. Philippe told us that we were going to see two kind of sharks: black dot sharks and lemon sharks. Indeed, when we jumped into the water there it was, a 3 meter long shark…. my first “big fish” that Pep would say. We went down to 23 meter and there were like 3 sharks following us. I was damn scared…  The 200 bar lasted 50 minutes. It was amazing! Poor nuria did not see the sharks until she was just in front of one of them, and she said later on that the shark was coming towards her, 50 cm below her but in the same direction, and then she saw the mouth half open and was thinking that it could take her whole arm as an aperitif. This particular shark seemed to like her because it was wandering around very close a couple of times, it was quite something! There were tons and tons of different fish, including a big turtle. I cannot describe it with words. I think our next gadget will be a case for the digital camera (the casio) so we can take it down. So beautiful.

The second dive was not very far from there. We saw also a “morena” and sharks again. The current was very strong but the coral here was better preserved, we really enjoyed it. It is amazing being inside the lagoon with all those fishes that are static in groups like chatting, and they abandon themselves to the current, so we did.

After that Philippe took us back to our place “chez Nono”, where we had a shower, and we walked a bit to club med because Nuria read that they had a nice deal where you could stay in the hotel for a day, use the installations and have lunch there. Well, in the way there we realized that it was closed! and so are many other businesses! restaurants, the bora bora hotel… all closed. We don’t know if it is because it is low season. So we have to come back… but we stopped at a restaurant and we have lunch by the sea. Then back to our bungalow and siesta 😉

In the evening we walked the other way up to “Bloody Mary”, a very famous restaurant where tons of famous people have gone: Cameron Diaz, Marlon Brandon, Rainiero, Julio Iglesias, Pamela Andersen, Bill&Melinda Gates, Prince Hussein, all those with no money, poor things. We tried to go but it was also closed, only on Sundays though. We might go tomorrow.

For dinner we went to “La bounty” also not very far from our place. I had pizza (yes… after so much fish I felt like having pizza) and Nuria had mahi mahi with vanilla sauce, we drunk nearly the whole bottle of white wine we ordered waiting for the food, but it was nice and we were still discussing the shark experience. We decided to finish it with the chocolate fudge cake with melted chocolate and cream, very healthy! So half drunk we went back to the hotel to be eaten alive by the lovely local mosquitos.

Diving in Bora-Bora with GPS Garmin Oregon 300. Mouse over to see the Diving spot.

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