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Letter Opener for Mac

Have you ever wondered how to open one of this attachments that are sent by a Microsoft Client that look like winmail.dat in your Mac mail app? Now you can. Use Letter Opener. Less than $20.

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Simplify your online social life with a Firefox extension that will bring together all your social network and IM services in one place, from facebook, to twitter, google talk, yahoo, etc… yoono

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versions of documents

Are you working on a document (or other file) and you did some changes that you regret? Well, Document Management systems allow you to keep versions or history of changes so you can revert to a previous state. Very handy. What you probably don’t know if that if you have Windows Vista Ultimate or Business […]

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hackintosh a dell 9 mini

If you feel that Apple should have a notebook and you are tired of waiting for it, then follow this tutorial and you will have a dell 9 mini running the lates macos ;-) Do you have a different notebook? Check this table to see the limitations when installing macos

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download videos from youtube

Have you ever wondered how to download a video from youtube and then put it offline in your iPod? Here you have a website: KeepVid You add the URL of the video you want, then you select the quality and voila!

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Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a programming Q & A site that’s free. Free to ask questions, free to answer questions, free to read, free to index.

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Audit your PC

There is free tool that you can install in your windows PC that will tell you from the serial numbers and model of your motherboard to the serials of your windows license and all installed software. Very handy Belarc Advisor

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Search Trash folder in a Mac 10.5.6

I was wondering how to search something that was in the trash folder in my macbook…. not easy. This is the way to do it: Go to the Finder, select Go > Go To Folder and type in ~/.Trash to bring up a Finder window showing the contents of your Trash, but this time around, […]

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“new mail” sound in mac mail

If you have a new mac and you use mac mail, you will notice that “new mail” notification does not work very well. If you have growl you can then play a sound from there but it is not the cool “new mail” sound. The workaround I did is to copy the “new mail” sound […]

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