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I would like to talk a bit about a very promising web application and also great iPhone application that has been out there for a while but has not been very successful in terms of people using it.  It is true that we are surrounded by Social Apps. For iPhone, web, such a facebook, twitter, […]

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Last day in New Zealand

Here we are, in Christchurch airport waiting to board. I am now on the iPhone. Looks like we get 15 min of free wifi here. We woke up again in the jail backpackers and this time we had proper breakfast: the sausages that we still had and the beans ;) We finished the bread and […]

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Goood morning San Francico

After more than 12 hours we woke up on this St. Valentine day and went downstairs for breakfast. At the USA hostel San Francisco we have free pancakes in the mornings (you have to cook them yourself though). See the monster pancakes we cooked… I was ashamed of not being able to finish them… Later […]

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Writing with the iPhone again. We are in the plane. It’s a jumbo 400, and the flight will be more than 10 hours. Now I just finished lunch and the movie I was watching: burn after reading. I must recognize that virgin atlantic is prety good. Good service and hi-tech on demand multimedia systems. Nevertheless […]

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Snow storm in Geneva

We are in the easyjet flight to Gatwick. It should have taken off 35 min ago but… snow storm…so we are in the process of icing crock. I have already disconnected the phone so I will probably publish it from London. After nearly one hour we took off. It was curious to take off with […]

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Day 1 – Geneva London

Thursday, day 1 It is 5:40am and we are enjoying a muffin a cheese cake, coffee and tea at Geneva airport. We woke up at 4:20 and hurried to ITC where we left the car and walked to the station.

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Drinking diet coke

Listening to somafm and drinking diet coke

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