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Spot satellite messenger

This is a very cool gadget. Basically a gps, with the particularity that has a couple of buttons, one to check in, so it sends communicates your position, and the second one for help. Same thing but you are asking for help. The beauty is that works everywhere, not dependent of GSM or mobile networks. […]

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3G portable router

This is the first 3G portable router. LevelOne 3G MobilSpot Portable Wireless HotSpot (WBR-3800) by CP Technologies. Putt your 3G sim card into the router’s CardBus or USB interfaces and you’ve got an instant portable network for sharing to any 802.11b/g WiFi or Ethernet device. A 10/100Mbps WAN jack lets it double as your home […]

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Genius G-Shot HD520 HD cam with 720p for less than $150

Are you looking for a low end camera that records pretty good video resolution? Here you have the winner: Genius HD520. It shots 5MB stills and 720p video. It is a high definition video camera, can output on high-resolution flat-panel TVs using the HDMI cable ; it supports high efficient MPEG4/H.264 image compression format and […]

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Sennheiser MM50ip

 I ordered my new set of earphones at If I buy in Switzerland I always compare prices in Switzerland with toppreise. I had the same model without the mic manufactured by creative. I was really happy as the quality sound is superbe with no distortion at all. In addition to this they isolate very well from […]

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