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tokao started as a sort of tumblelog or blog where I captured stuff related to my daily life, my passions, my trips and social life. Primarely it was reflecting my passions: photography, technology, design and travel.

There have been times where I have been active at tokao.com, but also periods (often long) with zero activity.

This blog complemented my photography site ::norai.net which it also a bit abandoned.

Nowadays to run your own blog or website is no longer appealing for many. With tools such as tumblr, Facebook, twitter, Google+ or even LinkedIn, it is difficult to justify hosting your own blog.

You can also find me me in twitter @tokao and Google+ and many other (Pinterest, LinkedIn etc…).

I use mostly an iPhone. When traveling abroad, sometimes my old Nikon d300.


tokao is about trips. I blog when I am on a trip: London, San Francisco, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Peru, Belize, and many more.


tokao is a complement of my other site norai.net. It is about nice photos, mostly taken with my digital SLR and my iPhone.


tokao is a blog, where I like to review and share my opinion on new technological developments, about photography, internet, web, and gadgets.


tokao evolves. I used to share songs, books and thoughts. I have to rethink how to best do that.

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