July 2012



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Peer to Peer banking

If you are tired of the high interests of borrowing money or if you are not happy with the return on your investments or savings accounts then you should consider borrowing money directly to people who has money to lend or lend it to people who need it. This is peer to peer banking. Both […]

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I live on Google Chrome

It is not 100% accurate… but let’s say that chrome and its extensions have become my remote office. If I have my Macbook pro with me, then I use Mail App, iCal, etc… but when I am at my client’s office for a long period of time, like I am now, then I don’t carry […]

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Back to tokao

It has been a while since I don’t publish anything on my blog. Working full time and having a 2.5 and a 5 months old does not make it easier. I am going to try to publish more stuff from now one. More opinion on topics I like, and more of my online social life […]

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