January 2012


insync: it is ok to break up with dropbox

I heard about insync on twitter not too long ago. It caught my attention the fact they sell themselves as a Dropbox killer, I had to try. Insync (http://insynchq.com) is, like Dropbox, a little program you can install in a mac or pc even if you are not an admin (which for my work laptop […]

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GTD: Todos, Task managers… PART 2

I had promised for a while that I would write a second part to the GTD To Do review I did some time ago. Well, here it is. It is not going to be so deep as the one I did back in September 2010, simply because I don’t have too much time to write […]

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The World is Watching: Urban Intervention Goes Ocular

How much more welcoming would a city environment seem if it were filled with friendly creatures? German artist Timm Schneider is filling Weisbaden with very strange beings that are not only unexpected, but also completely lovable. (all images via: Timm Schneider) Timm Schneider is a graphic designer who found that his job sometimes left him […]

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