April 4, 2010

Are you looking for stories? You normally use your list of blogs, youtube and so, and then you might share it in facebook or twitter, or maybe you are bombarded by funny emails on fridays with jokes and so.

If you are the kind of person who likes this friday’s emails, then redux can be a nice tool for you.

Redux is all about delivering personalized entertainment on the web, taps into users’ friends and people that share their interests.

Users just like you post links to entertainment that they like and it instantly appears in the Redux stream.

Sharing on Redux is easy: Explore the web, find something cool, paste the link.

Love cat videos, 80’s cartoons, short films, and hockey fights? They have the channels , created by users just like you.

Just join the channels you like and your specially mixed stream is ready to go. Sit back and enjoy or share your own awesome web finds. Can’t find a channel dedicated to failed American Idol auditions? Create your own and share your love.

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